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Welcome! NLP Directory sign-up page!

It's great having you on board! Let's get started. Just enter your information below and then click the Submit Info and Sign Me Up! button. Note, you have to check the "terms and conditions" checkboxes below before your submission can be reviewed and listed in the database if your information can be verified.

The "Personal Statement/Practice Objectives" box is where you can tell the world what makes you and your service unique. This is where you get to make your pitch to the public.

Get creative, but also put yourself in the position of someone wanting to find a service or talent. Imagine what questions your target audience might have and tailor your message to them. For more clues and ideas, click the "Help" button below or visit the "New Practitioner Resources" tab above.

Just fill in and submit the following...

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WARNING: "Personal Statement" text over 52 words may be edited and truncated. Please be fair to others and make your description concise. If you need more space, contact us about a paid listing upgrade.

Also, the link to your website from your listing will be INACTIVE until you have submitted proof of a link back to us from your website - OR - you have purchased an "premium listing".

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  addictions    aging/death/dying    anxiety/panic  
  beliefs    business skills    career issues  
  coaching    depression, grief    early childhood  
  education/learning    family systems    financial  
  gender issues/sexuality    goals clarify    health/healing  
  hypnosis    intuitive/shamanic    language skills  
  mid-life crisis    motivation    parenting  
  personal growth    persuasive Internet marketing    phobias  
  relationships    spiritual    sports/perfomance  
  stress reduction    time line/spacial anchoring    trauma  
  weight loss   


The "fine print":

We want to maintain an accurate, up-to-date directory database of quality NLP Practitioners, clinics and NLP training/educational organizations. In order to have your listing included in the Nlp Practitioner's Directory, you agree to be bound by certain ethical and "good business" conduct conditions outlined below.  

Please indicate your understanding of, and agreement with the following conditions by clicking the checkbox next to each statement. Then click the SUBMIT button above.

 The statements made above are true, honest and sincere
 I am a trained NLP Practitioner/Master Practitioner/Trainer and adhere to a code of conduct
 I am competent and skilled at working with individuals on sensitive matters and issues
 I agree to periodically review my listing to insure its accuracy
 If I choose to purchase "premium listing" features, I agree to honor additional payment & listing requirements
 If I choose the FREE "basic listing", my entry will show up in the directory - and I understand that I must agree to reciprocal-link to this site from my own site, if I want my directory listing to have an active link to my website (instructions will be in your welcome email)
 I respect the privacy of list members and will restrict communications to NLP-related business and non-invasive community building and collaboration


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