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Welcome to the NLP Database & Practitioners Resource Directory --

Are you ready for a change?

Looking for new solutions to life's challenges? Ready to manifest your dreams and desires? Want to communicate and relate better with your friends, partners and co-workers? Want to get more of what you do you want and less of what you don't? Curious about NLP and want to know more?

Welcome to the on-line NLP Practitioners Directory database and guide for those who want personal growth, new ways of healing, a shift in consciousness and thinking patterns and more business success. This NLP practitioner and training center directory will help you find quality Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners, NLP educational resources and NLP training centers and programs near you.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an amazingly effective transformational technology that has been known to produce rapid and profound change in people's behavior, beliefs and identities. A skilled NLP practitioner does this by gently and truthfully challenging a client's "structure of reality" and helping the client discover useful and constructive alternatives. The personal change that happens is facilitated by innovative, full-body neurological re-patterning techniques - and Love.

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As a well know NLP trainer once said: "NLP by itself has no heart. It's the practitioner that brings the heart and compassion to the session with a client." With this attitude of allowing, heart and compassion, the techniques and principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming become powerful tools and agents for transformation that can change old and chronic problems into new solutions that are as good as, or better than the old habitual choices and patterns.

Please use this NLP Practitioners Directory database to find quality Neuro Linguistic Programming professionals and training programs with which to counsel and learn. Let us know your experiences with the directory database and the NLP practitioners and training organizations and programs you find.

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Current NLP Database Directory Listings may include Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioners and NLP training programs & seminars in US (by state), Canada (by province), Europe, Japan, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Poland and UK Note: Directory is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any officially classified "illness". The Practitioners and Training Organizations represented in the database have provided their own, subjective descriptions. Any feedback to make practitioner listings more accurate, useful and true are welcome.