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Member Feedback and Practice Sessions

Meeting Agenda - Sunday, October 12 2003



(GENERAL REMINDER: Please show up on time or a few minutes early, so we can start right at 2, giving plenty of time for both the presentation and free practice sessions.)


Feature Presentation (approx.. 1/2hr)

IAC Membership: Member feedback and discussion.

IAC's goal is to increase our practice skills with real life situations and at the same time make a difference in peoples lives and the world. We will be outreaching to various social service and volunteer organizations in the future and want to create a group of skilled practitioners to work with these folks. Are you interested in that? What other ideas do you have for ways to get "real life" practice?

30 min open feedback frame session discussing :

  • what you want to see more of,
  • what do you want to add,
  • what's worked for you, what hasn't.
  • How do you want to influence what happens at meetings. More practice time?
  • Suggestions for speakers and topics?

Rest of meeting (about 2 1/2 hrs) will be free practice. Please feel free to bring guest clients.


Free Practice: (rest of time, approximately 2 1/2 hr)

Break into groups of 3, work on your stuff with others. Suggest 1 person work for 40 minutes, then either switch with meta person or rotate new (programmer, client, meta) positions. Leave 5-10 minutes at end of each round for meta feedback and tea break.


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