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Avatar, NLP and Beliefs

Meeting Agenda - July 27, 2003



(GENERAL REMINDER: Please showup on time or a few minutes early, so we can start right at 2, giving plenty of time for both the presentation and free practice sessions.)

15 minutes: Open frame. Those in attendance talk briefly about what's up for them, comments about last month's meeting, ideas and suggestions.


Feature Presentation (aprox. 1 hr)

Sal Dossani, Jennifer Koretz: Avatar - how is it similar and different than NLP for belief-level changework.

Avatar is a powerful and effective course based on a simple truth: our beliefs cause us to attract events and situations into our lives. The goal is to guide a person in an exploration of his/her own belief system.  Avatar helps to equip us with tools to change beliefs that do not serve us, and replace them with those that do.  The Avatar course opens a window to the inner workings of our consciousness.

We will explore transparent beliefs as taught by Harry Palmer in his book, ReSurfacing.  We'll also look at one or two other techniques that can enable us to exercise a greater control over our personal lives.

We’ll give a brief background on how Avatar was developed, but most of the time will be spent experiencing some of its tools and giving everyone a taste of Avatar.  You will enjoy the experience!


Some of the techniques in Avatar are those used by NLP as well.  For instance, the transparent beliefs technique as taught by some NLP teachers, comes from Harry Palmer’s (Avatar's creator) book ReSurfacing.  The logical levels of change in NLP: Environment, Behavior, Skill, Belief, Identity has Identity as the fifth level of change.  In Avatar that level is taught in the Master’s course  – in other words one acquires the skill to take on identities suitable to one’s purpose, just like wearing different sets of clothes for different occasions.

There are of course many similarities and many differences between Avatar and NLP.  As an NLP Master and an Avatar Master, Sal states that the main similarity is that both of them assist people in changing and growing into the person they want to become.  Both NLP and Avatar help us learn more about ourselves and make sense of our lives.  One difference that I noticed was that Avatar also delves into the spiritual side of our lives.  Starting with Masters, and then the next level, Wizards, Avatar explores the spiritual side of our nature, such as where consciousness comes from and how we create our lives from the creative side of our consciousness.


Free Practice: (rest of time, approximately 1 1/2 hr)

Break into new (or same) groups of 3, work on your stuff with others. Suggest 1 person work for 45 mins, then either switch with meta person or rotate new (programmer, client, meta) positions. Leave 5-10 minutes at end of each round for meta feedback and tea break.


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