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Developing a "6-second spiel"

Meeting Agenda - May 11, 2003



10 minutes: Introduction to the concept of "NLP Intern Action Center". What is available on the website? Description of format of meetings.

15-25 minutes: Go round the room with brief intros and our connections to NLP, where we trained or how we heard about it. How are we currently using NLP professionally or personally. Statement about "what we want" from the existence of this group. Our intentions and hopes for the group. (Eventually this brief discussion will resolve into a list of possible topics to cover in subsequent meetings – listed on website in "topics" text box.) [We will need a scribe to note topic ideas that people talk about].


Feature Presentation

John-Erik Omland: 1 hr for presentation, exercise instructions and group process, in groups of 3: The "6-second elevator pitch". How to concisely state the core of NLP as you see it and as it suits your personality, interests, skills and level of expertise in the art of NLP change work.

Using the NLP toolbox, and the help of your cohorts, to explore how you hold "NLP" - and then from that, to describe it in a 6-second spiel. Then, as an interesting next step, if there is time, develop a 30 second version also.

Each person will finish by presenting their 6-second spiel to the group, as if they were introducing themselves to someone and explaining quickly what they do with NLP.


Free Practice: (rest of time, approximately 1 1/2 hr)

Break into new (or same) groups of 3, work on your stuff with others. Suggest 1 person work for 45 mins, then either switch with meta person or rotate new (programmer, client, meta) positions. Leave 5-10 minutes at end of each round for meta feedback and tea break.


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