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"New Code" Ginny reviews the new book by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair

Meeting Agenda - February, 2004



(GENERAL REMINDER: Please show up on time or a few minutes early, so we can start right at 2, giving plenty of time for both the presentation and free practice sessions.)

10 minutes: Open frame. Those in attendance talk briefly about what's up for them, comments about last month's meeting, ideas and suggestions.

(Click here for charts used in the presentation of the "reading the alphabet while raising arms and legs" brain hemispheric synchronization game.)

Feature Presentation (approx.. 1 hr)

Ginny Kennedy: the New Code.

How the presentation is related to Nlp: New Code is an NLP change format presented in the book Whispering in the Wind by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair.

Short description: Developed by one of the founders of NLP, New Code is a content-free pattern that can be used to change behavior in a specific context.

Details: NLP practitioners frequently assist their clients to achieve conscious insight into a "problem" without succeeding in developing choices about it. There are no examples of the inverse situation known: the situation in which the problem is solved - that is, a plethora of new effective choices are generated and successfully implemented by the client and the conscious articulation of the "problem" remains as fixed as it was when the client had the "problem".

Grinder and St. Bostic propose that unconscious processes, when properly organized and constrained, can produce deep, long term ecological changes in spite of, for example, a client's declared conscious beiefs that such changes were impossible. The limitations of consciousness, the 7 plus or minus 2 chunks of attention available in working memory, make understandable the inability of the consciousness to select desired states, appropriate resources or specific new behaviors with any degree of competency. This limitation applies only to conscious processing, not to unconscious processing. Thus, as you would expect, the ability of the unconscious mind to assess the longer-term consequences and then, to make such selections (desired state, resource or replacement behavior) greatly exceeds that of the conscious mind.

There are many stories of directing unconscious processes to handle change. Milton Erickson wrote that when confronted with a challenge where he had some question about his ability to perform, he would simply put himself in an altered state and trust his unconscious to manage the situation.

The New Code pattern allows us to easily access the power and wisdom of our unconscious processing by entering a know-nothing high performance state. Reflecting Grinders minimalist tendencies, the pattern consists of 4 simple steps:

1. Select from 3rd position some context in whic you experience some behavior you\'d like to change. Choose a location and visualize yourself in that context performing the behavior you wish to influence.

2. Step into yourself (1st position) without attempting to change anything (self-calibrate).

3. Play The Alphabet Game to elicit a high performance state. On average it takes about 15 minutes of playing the game to elicit the desired know-nothing state.

4. When the high performance state is activated, step back into the 1st position where step 2 occurred without attempting to consciously influence the experience in any way.

After a discussion and demo of the pattern, we'll break into small groups and try it out. Dress comfortably, as a client you will be on your feet moving around.


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