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"Back to Basics" NLP Fundamentals Review

Meeting Agenda - January 18, 2004



(GENERAL REMINDER: Please show up on time or a few minutes early, so we can start right at 2, giving plenty of time for both the presentation and free practice sessions.)

10 minutes: Open frame. Those in attendance talk briefly about what's up for them, comments about last month's meeting, ideas and suggestions.


Feature Presentation (approx.. 1 hr)

Group: NLP Fundamentals.

This month, we will be starting off the new year by reviewing some of the NLP fundamental basics. Let's brush off our old practitioner training notes and "war stories" and help each other remember the basic pieces that go into an NLP session. We will talk about:

  • Rapport
  • Eye accessing cues
  • Anchoring and break states
  • How to unpack an image
  • Basic questions in an "outcome frame"
  • Whatever else group members want to bring up for review and discussion

We will probably break into different smaller "focus groups" to review more in depth which ever topic appeals to you most. Here is your chance to show up and demonstrate your excellence at some aspect of NLP fundamentals, and help others who might need some review or tutoring.

Since we have members from various NLP schools and both recent graduates and some old hands, it should be fun to hear the different perspectives we all bring from our different training experiences.


Free Practice: (rest of time, approximately 1 1/2 hr)


Break into new (or same) groups of 3, work on your stuff with others. As programmer, incorporate the insights gained from the structured outcome frame exercise, to refine your questions and approach.

Refer to the list of the NLP "outcome frame questions" handed out earlier. The programmer can use these questions to structure their session with the client. The meta person can also use this list to help keep the programmer on track.

Suggest 1 person work for 45 mins, then either switch with meta person or rotate new (programmer, client, meta) positions. Leave 5-10 minutes at end of each round for meta feedback and tea break.


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